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Hi, I have two vlans defined on the FWSM, APP and DB,  For the APP vlan, Sec level is 60 for DB it is 100. I wanted to allow multicast from APP to DB and Vice Versa. The necessary NAT statement and ACLs are updated and connectivity is working from D...

Hi All,   I have a big problem, I hope you can help me here. Since yesterday, I found out that my Pix Firewall keeps reloading until now. Is there someone out there experience this thing? Please help!!many thanks,reymon

Mhon Baul by Beginner
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hi,i am working in Data Center, i m having 6513/FWSM, 6509/IDSM and ASA 5540, i want the right placement of every device, i m having many servers which is currently connected with ASA, what is my thinking now if i replace the ASA with 6513/FWSM then ...

NSIT by Beginner
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Hi,I have a FWSM with OSPF with two neighbors all in area 1, it learn inter area and external routes from one of him, my problem is that the FWSM not flood this routes to other neighbor. I make a show ospf and i see the fwsm as ASBR and i dont unders...

Cisco ASA5520ASA 8.2(1)ASDM 6.2(1)Hi, i am new to the cisco asa firewall.I have a request from customer to allow only stateful traffic from 1 interface(intranet zone) to another interface(User zone) on the firewall.How can this be achieved?Correct me...

J_Vansen_S by Participant
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I have configure two firewall on the same inside VLAN( The outside of these two firewall is connect to differnet WAN link. Firewall A( is forward multicast group packet to Server A( Firewall B(19...

rice.wong by Beginner
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HiThe ASA provides a temporary code signing certificate to sign Java applets. I was hoping that some could help me with the following.I was trying to understand all the certificates on the ASA appliance. Is the code signing certificate different to t...

mj11 by Participant
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Hi Friends,I have configured two vlans on FWSM. Iam able to reach between both the vlans but RDP connection gets terminated.VLAN 113  <------FWSM -----> VLAN11110.42.13.30  ---->FWSM ---->  (trying RDP connection)All other traffic is work...

Hi,I am having PIX ver 8.0I want to allocate 512kb bandwidth for inbound remote access VPN users accessing LAN network behind PIX. My PIX is acting as VPN server and users on internet.Can someone help me guide how to configure it using modular policy... by Beginner
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