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Hi Team,   We've setup a temporary FMC on Google cloud to migrate from 5525 ASA to Firepower FTD, the configuration has been migrated successfully via the migration tool. However, we are unable to deploy the policies onto the FTD. Please see the atta...

Arun2022 by Level 1
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I've been asked to gather documentation that proves that automatic snort downloads that are scheduled are checked via FMC prior to being downloaded. They are asking to see if the hash is checked prior to installing the new .vrt file into FMC. Can any...

agilliup by Level 1
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Hello So I am having some issues deploying NAT... My FPR1010 has a WAN (outside) IP 207.108.121.X which has a LAN (inside) have NAT on INSIDE for an Internal Network (connected to a SG550) which is 192.168.1....

TheGoob by Level 4
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Hello,   we are testing SAML authentication and we can't get certificate authentication to work.Currently, we are using AAA + Certificate authentication. we are on version 9.17(1) with an Anyconnect client on version 4.10.0208 There is an incompatibi...

jds5 by Level 1
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