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Just found out a requirement I did not know about.I had failover set up for FWSM across two 6500 chassis. Things worked great....except failover between the two chassis took about 4 seconds. I tested and each of five failovers I had a user drop abou...

jfraasch by Participant
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Any help is appreciated. Getting ready to upgrade a ASA 5520 from 7.2 code to 8.x, all because of the IPS module needs to be upgraded from 6.1 to 7.x. Two questions: (1) Should I expect a smooth upgrade (from 7.2 to 8.x) on the ASA box? Anyone runs i...

ewong0088 by Beginner
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Hi, tricky one. We've just taken over management of a site and my responsibility is for their Pix. This customer has 2 other sites that connect via MPLS (looked after by BT) who's traffic is filtered by the pix. However, one of these sites has an iss...

Rex Biesty by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA 5505 Issue

Hello, I have an ASA 5505 and setup a outside interface that has ip address dhcp for my internet connection. I am running dhcp on this box for my inside network. I ping the ip addresses on the internet however I keep getting these errors when I...

Hello,I have a problem with FWSM running version 3.2(5) on Catalyst 6506 with 12.2SXH(33)a. All the interfaces of the FWSM are in down/down state without any explicable reason. The output is in the attachment - FWSM2 is the problematic one, FWSM1 is ...

Dear All Issue regarding HUB and spoke topology .I have Two RTR Primary and seconday iconfigured remote access VPN on Head office Permiter RTR to remotely accesmy head office and branches .Actually im facing Issue is that the fewbranches termina...

Dear All,I want to ask about the WCCP feature in ASA 8.xI am using squid proxy as a transparent mode. What should I do to redirect the user web traffic to this proxy passthrough the ASA?The ASA is configured with the sub interface. And the users is i...