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I have an Cisco ASA 5520 running version 8.x, when viewing real-time logging set to debugging level, traffic passing through the firewall is NOT displayed. I clear all traffic filters by selecting show all but still no traffic is displayed in the rea...

fsebera by Level 4
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I am on a bit of a hotseat right now.  I have a Cisco ASA5510 used for b2b vpn connections. Some one from my sales departmet has offered to allow a customer to monitor our vpn device via snmp (with nagios).I have a major proble with this. Unfortunatl...

eferro by Level 1
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Hi,I am able to login to FWSM ASDM, but the GUI page after login is not coming.It get stop after Software Update  Completed.Please find the attachment.What will be the cause? Please help.Regards,Anil

I'm trying to work out this issue...source, switchA =     =           =    =    =     /25destination, SwitchB = 1...

Hi All,We need to add  a new vlan and allow this to FWSM I have checked that there is no option for add in the firewall vlan-group command. I want to know if typed the command with existing vlan and the new vlan does it cause any isussues to the runn...

After I upgraded to 8.05 from 8.04 I lost my ability to monitor and access an interface on my ASA from devices behind the same interface to be monitored. ASA interface NAC-wifi-dmz2 [] needs to be monitored by via snmp, icmp, & ...

ajamua by Level 1
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