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ASA Clustering - Advantages and Benefits

I have an ASA5520 and am considering what I do when I start to reach capacity on the box.I have been told to look at clustering ASA's together, but all of the information I can find seems to refer only to additional VPN connections when using a clust...

hardware by Beginner
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os x smart tunnel for java

We have a webpage that uses java, and we are unable to make it work on web vpn on mac os. On the windows side, we added the following to the webvpn smart tunnel and it works: smart-tunnel list banner WebStart javaws.exe platform windows smart-tunnel ...

philfin42 by Beginner
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Inbound emails being denied

Inbound emails are down. Outbound works.the ASA 5510 shows this in the log.Deny tcp src outside: dst inside: by access-group "inside_access_out" [0x0, 0x0]One minute everything was ok then it stopped working.In the...

DNS failover scenario

All,I have the following topology (attached), and I've got a question about the routing. If I have a static nat statement pointing to a DNS server on the DMZ, the routing table will show that it's a connected route. Can I use a floating static to acc...

Transparent ASA's in active/active?

Hi Guys,I have a bit of a problem where i have to configure an existing transparent 5520 asa to an active/active setup. Never done active/active before but i understand i have to create contexts etc. However Im not sure how this will work on transpar...

killer316 by Beginner
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ASA - RSA - SSL-VPN Clientless

Hello,give it a solution, how i can configure, that a user connects to the SSL-Portal with a RSA Token (by SDI) - to preconfigure the SSL Group (Bookmarks). The User stays at ADS. I can't use LDAP because - the RSA Token.

m.trautes by Beginner
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Resolved! Basic QoS Question

I am setting up QoS in a VPN environemnt to prioritise voice and video traffic using dscp. I am planning to use something like the following.....policy-map enterpriseclass voicepriority 256class videobandwidth 512class class-defaultfair-queuerandom-d...

ricey by Beginner
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