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ASA authentication

Hi all,How can i configure my ASA to authenticate only once to ACS. Cause i saw in my logs whenever i attempted to login to ADSM then ASA will authenticate with ACS a number of times.Thanks alot

2811 Router IOS Firewall

I have a 2811 Router running 12.4.19 with the IOS Firewall feature set. My question is whether to use the CBAC or Zone-based method of deployment. I have 12 VLANs (wired and wireless) off one FE interface that will need a minimum of three different...

dspdss by Beginner
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IPS signature updates on

Hey! I recently got an email informing me that as of 4/3/2009, IPS signature update 391 is available. But when I check the FTP server, the newest one is 384. What gives? Have the updates moved to a new directory on the server?I'm checking in ftp.cisc...

adam by Beginner
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CSM 3.1.1 Deployment problem

i have CSM 3.1.1 , the problem is when i want to deploy any changes on any device , simply i choose the device check box , & click "deploy", but the status bar doesn't move ( 0 %) , i restarted the server many times with no help

Resolved! ASA5505- PAT

Hi, We are replacing PIX 501 with ASA 5505. We are able to get the L2L VPN up but not the Internet access. When we try to add the NAT (Inside) x statement firewall gives warning message saying missing outside command. But If we add the Outside comman...

sykesemea by Beginner
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ASA with AIP SSM-10 module

Hi all I have an ASA 5520 with IPS-SSM module(ASA5520-AIP10-K9)and exta 4 port gig module(SSM-4GE).But i couldnt find any slot on the ASA to insert this module.Please advise on how to install this module

anva12345 by Beginner
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Unicast Flooding with a FWSM

Hi all,I am experiencing a severe Unicast Flooding problem in two Catalyst 6500 with a FWSM installed in each of them. Here is the analysis of the problem :DESCRIPTION : - CH01FW01 and CH01FW02 are two Firewall contexts in two FWSM Modules running v...