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Load Balance with ASA using RIP

Hi Guys,a company asked me to do the following scenario,2 routers connected to 2 different ISPs connected to layer 2 switch & they are using RIP, the switch should be connected to the ASA, and i suppose to configure the ASA using RIP dynamic routing ...

Lock NAC Agent in Task Bar

I would like to lock the NAC Agent in the task bar so that users can't exit out of the agent. Anyone have any ideas or ways to do this in the registry. Users do not have admin rights to the computer and can still exit out of agent.

ziyadr by Beginner
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Land Attack - ASA 5520

I am receiving hundreds of the following messages in ASA 5520 log:"Deny IP due to Land Attack from to"Can it be related to another messages I am receiving in ASA5520 log which is:"UDP request discarded from to ProdZ...

amarula115 by Beginner
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communication with citrix

i needed to allow users to be able to connect to a remote citrix server. After allowing all the ports on my firewall, the port status is still showing blocked. below is an extract of my configaccess-list outside_access_in extended permit tcp any eq c...

lomuwagun by Beginner
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Understanding ZBF.

Hello,I'm using the zone-based policy firewall in my 2610XM running IOS 12.4(11)T. I want to block certain ports outbond. But I also have to inspect tcp and udp. To, the acls are not applied, because als outbound traffic is allowed when I inspect tho...

simon by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA 5540 Not Authenticating

Our ASA 5540 has just started to deny all inbound connections for VPN with the following messages:106023 Deny udp src dmz:...713048 Error processing payload:713048 Sending IKE Delete No Reason Prvd713902 Removing peer from peer tabl fld713903 Error. ...

wdhowellsr by Beginner
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Pfs in Pix 6.3

Hi,Iam using the PIX firewall 6.3 and my remote peer is cisco router 2801(12.4)now we are trying to enable PFS for our VPN connection how to enable pfs in PIX firewall since we are crypto map statement (crypto map testing 19 set )or we need to create...

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