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Resolved! ASA and DMZ Setup

Hi Folks,I am testing an ASA5510 configuration prior to implementation. Currently we use static NAT for a number of machines located on the inside network that we access from the outside. I use Access-lists to control what ports are opened up. Every...

We have our CSC-SSM device configured to append disclaimers to all outgoing messages. Messages that are sent to an external MS Exchange server result in the original message being delivered as an attachment with the disclaimer in the body of the mes...

kmiller by Level 1
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Hi,We are implementing two groups of users on SSL VPN ASA and we would like that one of the groups could access ASA only from a specific public IPs. Is it possible to check source public IP address after user decides which connection will he use?Mark...

mtrcek by Level 1
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Hi all,I have a remote VPN to an ASA 5510 and I want to enable teh split tunnel so teh VPN client can access its own LAN as well when connected with VPN.I have made the policies as described by Cisco , but nada !!!!It is not working. I mean VPN work...

I am trying to convince my comrades that we should put anything that provides a service to outside users or anything with an open port accessible to the outside, to be put in our DMZ instead of on the 'Inside' interface of the firewall. Is there a st...

Running fwsm v2.3(1) in one environment and v2.3(3) in a separate environment. Are there any difference in how ip unreachables are treated in the versions. We seem to be runnning into mtu fragmentation issues from the later version box. We can put ...

xayavongp by Level 1
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Hi Experts, I need your assist to sort it out V-Lans issue which we have just placed on Cisco ASA 5505 FW and doing testing but not able to find out the root cause:Current Scenario:1) V-lan 100 NOC V-Lan 200 DEV

ray_stone by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Yesterday there was IPS alert: Invalid Netbios Name id=3357, while a Cisco VPN client was connected to the network. The employee ran a virus check-nothing found. Today the employee can not connect to the ASA firewall to set up a VPN connection--the V...

saidfrh by Level 1
  • 8 replies
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I can't seem to find any information regarding mass rollouts of Cisco IPS 4240 devices. I have 6 devices I intend to roll out to several remote offices and tie into a centralized Cisco MARS appliance. Without using any CSM/LMS software, is there an q...

dgroscost by Level 4
  • 4 replies
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