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ASA Failover config

Hi I have 2 questions: We have 2 ASA 5525 that are setup for failover. Site A ASA was always the primarySite B ASA was always the secondary Today I logged to Site A ASA and noticed the config had changed to secondary.My first question is: can this ha...

10000+ rules on a Cisco ASA 5545-X

Hi All,Was wondering has anyone bulk deployed rules on an ASA using any scripts. I am generating 10000 plus to secure each communication flow in my environment. Is there anything i need to watch out for? I know one ACE is about 212 B of memory so i s...

asidd by Beginner
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Aggressive Mode Disable

Hello,We were suggested to disable isakmp Aggressive mode on Cisco Routers and on ASAs due to vulnerability reaso.How will disabling this affect on current VPN connections on these devices? 

Nub65 by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Cisco ASA + IP SLA

I have the below configuration in my ASA firewall-------------------------------------------------------sla monitor 1type echo protocol ipIcmpEcho x.x.x.x interface outsidenum-packets 3timeout 1000frequency 9------------------------------------------...

RS19 by Participant
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FMC 6.2.2 - Unknown Users

Alright experts, I need some assistance because this isn't making a lick of sense.  I have a customer running FMC 6.2.2 and AD User Agent 2.3 that is having an issue where a lot of their connection events are showing Unkown under Initiator User.  Som...

Ryan Curry by Beginner
  • 11 replies
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Change NTP on FMC

Hello , i have one question:I have FMC who controls two devices ( sfr modules on ASA) I need to change NTP server on FMC ( local NTP server). Do i need to change NTP on sfr modules on ASA devices  before changing on FMC, or there is synchronization t...

ibrkic001 by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Unable to Reach to Server in DMZ Zone - ASA 5506X

Hi !!Greetings !!I am unable to get to the Server placed in DMZ Zone from Internet. However, I am able to reach from INSIDE Zone.I have attached the configuration file of ASA. Please help !!! I have to solve it as I have already committed to my clien...

PND by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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