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PIX Configuration problem

I have two servers one located in pix inside and one in dmz. I wanted to configure them so that they can communicate with routers and switcheslocated outside of pix firewall. My inside server is working fine, able to go Internet and able to comminica...

Akamai and auto-shun/blocking in IDS/IPS

Hello,can anyone share how you deal in IDS/IPS with applications that are based on Akamai content delivery services?There is a concern that if “Akamized” web-server is targeted in web-based attack - it will be recognized as initiated from one of ...

DSmirnov by Beginner
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Hi,I'm configuring DHCP server on one of my VLANs on ASA but it accept me just 128 addresses can anyone describe please why? why doesn't it accept more than 128 address?Thanks in advance

rouzbehta by Beginner
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Blocked traffic flow..

I get the same results pinging in eiter direction through the VPN tunnel (tunnel is working fine) below is a trace and included is the config.HO1ASA02# packet-trace input inside icmp 3 1 Phase: 1Type: FLOW-LOOKUPSubtype:Result: ...

rmaxson2 by Beginner
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Firewall log interpretation.

Hello All,I just installed my ASA 5505 and the firewall log showed that it denied a connection from Ip address every second. Please see the attached file. What does the log message indicate and how to stopip address from att...

ASA behind a router performing NAT...

Hi,I'm not sure if this would be more suited in the R&S forums but I figure some security people must have worked on something similar....I have an ASA sitting behind a 2800 router with 2 Internet circuits. I'm trying to NAT everthing from the ASA in...

logging problem in ASA-SSM-20

Hi,We have this module ASA-SSM-20 installed on our ASA 5520 appliance. I am able to login in ASA device but when i am doing session 1. It is asking login : after giving username and password it is not accepting the username. This module is installed...

Giving DMZ internet access only

Hi!I'm abit confused and need some config helpHow would you configure your PIX/ASA to let your DMZ which has a public IP-Network access to the internet without NAT'ing it through the outside interfaceAnd without giving the DMZ access anything else (l...

azore2007 by Beginner
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MARS topology in non-Cisco environment

In a heterogeneous, non-Cisco environment (e.g. Dell switches, Sidewinder firewall), is it possible to obtain accurate topology/visualization information? If so, how is this accomplished? Any other best-practices/gotchas for getting the most out of...

milee1420 by Beginner
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