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I upgraded from a PIX506 to a PIX515e w/vac+ and all of my software based VPN connections work execpt for the two site-to-site tunnels I had. We rechecked the pre-shared keys. How can I determine why these tunnels won't work on the 515e? They were...

vitalcom1 by Beginner
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Hi, I am working on a Pix 501 via a remote ssh connection, all was fine until I issued a reload command. Now I cannot get access to the PIX via SSH and a nmap scan shows port 22 is open but the service shows tcpwrapped. I have never seen this befor...

Hi ThereI have a case where a customer needs me to build a custom policy for around 250 pc's with developer users on them, this ranges from Eclipse RAD to Prolog developers, and some Mainframe people as well, and everything in between really. Usuall...

I have IPS 4255. I wanted to configure it so that it can shun the attack that comes on pix firewall. I have made the device profile and add firewall in blocking devices. I have given all the parameters for telnet and even i try with ssh. But still i ...

On FWSM the backup of one of the servers in Security level 4 fails frequently whereas the backup of the remaining servers which are on security level 99 zone is found to be successful. The back up of all the servers are taken on server in Security ...

aksher by Beginner
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Hi all, I have a FWSM in a 7609 that is currently up and running in a single context, supporting our Internet access and customer circuits. We have a need to stand up a second context for our daughter company. I would like to know if there are an...

jphilope by Participant
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