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these configuration right

global (outside) 2 interfacenat (inside) 0 access-list exemptnat (inside) 0 Xfuadc1 (inside) 0 Xfuadc2 (inside) 2 (inside) 2 X.X.X.0 (inside) 2 X.X.X.0

mframadan by Beginner
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IOS IPS basics

I'm pretty new to managing IPS. My co is looking at deploying a large number of this and i'm suppose to manage it. i got a few questions 1. are the available signature in default IOS IPS enough? i fired rentina to an old redhat version OS but i fin...

yuliang11 by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! PIX Password Recovery

Has anyone ever experience difficulty trying to do a password recovery on a PIX 515E? I am following the procedures but unable to establish ip connectivity to tftp the bin file needed. I have tried directly connected the PC to the inside interface as...

rharden55 by Beginner
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ASA-SSM IPS locking out VPN Clients

Has anyone had issues with S297 / 5.1.6E1 blocking VPN IP's out? Out of the blue my users will checking Email via the VPN and the the IPS will deny the IP address, and lock them out. I have been watching my IPS Event Viewer but am at a lose. I ideas ...

ddevecka by Beginner
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ASA CSC Module - URL blocking issues

Good day again! I need help on these issues below.I have this issue with the CSC that I have configured with the default global inspection settings. I cannot use my Outlook and I would end up having this log in the CSC:2007/08/16 15:37:21|Web|user de...

brianbono by Beginner
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Dropping vlan traffic to an IDS device

We have a very busy vlan that we're capturing traffic from and sending it to a Gig port connected to an IDS device. Approximately 20% of the traffic is either being dropped by the switch capture port or the IDS device. We've been told 3% dropped traf...

davmag by Beginner
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ASA 5520 IPSec/NAT-T vs IPSec

My ASA 5520 has been working well for the past 6 months. Most of the clients connections are IPSec/NAT-T. Today one of my clients connected for the first time and they just connected IPSec. The IPSec client could not pass traffic across the VPN. ...

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