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Hi All,I am a newbie to Cisco PIX 501, i have recently joined this company where they have servers at Data center and they are behind this PIX501. All the configuration were done by the former sys admin.Now i have installed Advenet Application Manage...

We have a site-to-site VPN set up between our HQ (10.10.0.x) and a remote site (10.20.x.x). The HQ device is a ASA 5540, and the remote device is an ASA 5505. version ASA 7.2(2)The tunnel is up and passing traffic. I can ping from any device on the H...

altaf007 by Beginner
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I need to upgrade the ASDM on our FWSM and according to the Configuration Guide I need to do it from the system execution system becuse I'm using multiple contexts. However when I test the connectivity by pingig my tftp I get replies ?????. What am I...

lm20ele by Beginner
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HiI'm experiencing a strange problem with NATing on a PIX 515 running 6.3. I have 2 statements:nat (inside) 1 (DMZ2) 1 netmask this config I can get no packets at all to pass from the inside an...

PDEdwards by Beginner
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I have a Pix 515E active/failover IOS v7.2 The failover process works perfect. I test powering down one unit, and then the other en works perfect. But, as soon as I do "write stanby" in the active unit, the passive unit goes down (the insde interface...

edimonted by Beginner
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I have a couple 26xx's running SNAT. They are front-ending a connection to an ASP. I'd like to replace them with ASA 55xx's. Can ASA's do Synchronous NAT?Thanks, Mike.

mlpalmer by Beginner
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