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I am having issues trying to allow inbound ftps connections on the outside interface. I have an access-list allowing tcp/990 as well as tcp/989 (ftps-data.) I can actually establish a connection however files and folders do not show up. When I view t...

dprincects by Beginner
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On a VPN Concentrator 3030 Ver 4.1.2 running OSPF, should I see an entry in the routing table when a LAN-LAN IPsec tunnel comes up and the route disappear when the tunnel goes down?Thanks

msnowdon by Beginner
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We are trying to view the IDSM messages through IPS event viewer 5.2 but was not able to get viewed in the event viewer. We are able to see the traffic in IDM but not in the viewer. Other than adding the device in the IPS event viewer, do we have to ...

Hello guys,Would it be possible to deploy Cisco ASA like Cisco VPN 3000 which connecting only one interface to DMZ interface of the firewall? I?d like to use it for remote access IPSec VPN. I?m looking for any documents regarding this configuration b...

nitass by Beginner
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HI All, we have just bought two Cisco ASA's that I have setup in a failover pair, Having some issues with the Access Lists however.I have created an access-list that permits any source to access a web server on the DMZ (Using NAT) However when I brow...

cksrealm by Beginner
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We are experiencing an issue where once or twice a month our DSL connection takes a hit, and then the ASA5505 device will not function. In the past the only way to resolve this has been to shut the device down and then bring it back up about 10 minu...

Does the below config allow (just from a NAT perspective)hosts on the subnet to access servers on the subnet?It this NATing the FTP interface to the address?if so, would this over rule any access-list that was applied i...