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I have a problem getting Cisco IDM 5.1 to run on my pc. I am using IE 7.0 and Version 1.4.2_10 (build 1.4.2_10-b03) of java. I have updated the java runtime parameter to include the additional string of -Xmx256m. when I start the web browser the wind...

Hello,What ports should be opened on FireWall for LMS 2.6 ? The LMS server , management stations and devices - everything is in different network segments.Please , advise.

dsoffer by Level 1
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Events in CSA MC for agents shows system state along with details,rule & wizard. Why does system state mean?When i follow the wizard to create an exception rule,when i click finish it gives an error "see csamclog.txt for details".I checked the log fi...

I have migrated out PIX 525 to the ASA appliance. All went well except for the following problem. I need to be able to see traffic on one of my DMZs by both the real, and the translated IP addresses. The PIX allowd this but the ASA does not. Desp...

jimb by Level 1
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Resolved! fwsm conn flags

Hi,Could anyone give me a clue what is the meening of the flag d(dump) in the following sh conn TCP out in idle 0:00:00 Bytes 136 FLAGS - dBsThanks,Attila

Hi Everybody,I configure SSH on my ASA5510 which looks like ssh inside, version 1 and 2 & ssh timeout 5 is not working, but the same config i used in router, core switch is working fine. I do need to configure any more to work ...

Hi all,Id like to consult my first problem relatedto failover configured on PIXs 525 with ver. 7.0.4. I constantly see this messageon secondary PIX :%PIX-3-210005: LU allocate connection failedBut when I look at free mem (CLI commandshow mem) I see t...

johnleeee by Level 1
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Hi all,Id like to consult second problemwith our failover with PIXs 525 and PIXOS 7.0.4. Both are connected with serial cable and dedicated ethernet cable.Problem is:When I disconnect one interface onPrimary-Active PIX than other one takesrole. But w...

johnleeee by Level 1
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Hi all.I'm now managing two ASA's (5520 and 5510). These have been in my mind configured poorly.The 5510 has its external interface connected to a DMZ interface of the 5520.SSL and IPSec vpns are terminated to the external interface of the 5510.Can ...

timkaye by Level 1
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I have this scenario with a PIX 525 6.3, this has worked for months and suddenly stopped.I have a device on the inside network that needs to access a remote site network through a VPN tunnel. Inside network device is, needs to access remo...

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