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Hard code interface on a 4255

Can someone tell me if it is possible to hard code the interface settings on a 4255 to be 100 mbs full duplex.I have attempted to modify the modules.conf file but it is not taking. Any help is appreciated, thanks

s.breault by Beginner
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Packet Loss - PIX 525

I have a couple of PIX 525's in failover mode and it seems I consistantly have about a 1 percent packet loss to or through the inside interface.They are forced to 100 FULL on each end, connected to a Catalyst 6509 and set port host has been configure...

ddorton by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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PIX 501 Setup

HiDes anyone have a standard setup for a PIX 501 with one externally routable IP Address on the outside, and an internal network interface of, to allow Microsft VPN clients to authenticate via L2TP or PPTP, and browse the internal netw...


i am wondering how to configure ospf interface md 5 authentication on a pix ver the same time, is it posible to set the pix as DR without doing any config at any of its peers, only one the pix. If so, what do I do?thanks in advance

jenseike by Beginner
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IDS 4240 Configuration

Dear All,I installed the cisco ids 4240 ver 4.1.4 s91 in the datacenter. It has 4 giga sniffing ports. After I connected it to the network in IEV i am getting sigid 993 alarm.What does this error mean?thanks

PIX "routing"

We now have multiple outside interfaces - different ISP's. The plan is to have one interface handle all web traffic (we will call that outside1)- the other VPN's (outside2).To handle this - I figured I'd set the default route to use the ISP on outsi...

rsommer by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Script to reload PIX

Does someone know of or has created a script to login to a PIX and reload it without any intervention from the user? I can figure this out with Putty, but I was hoping to find a self contained script that any user can run from anywhere. The user wo...

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