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Hello, I have a Cisco ASA 5555 with a lot of working subinterface and I want to make a new subinterface but I can't.AHUFOT-KP-FW/CENTRAL/pri/act(config)# interface gigabitEthernet 0/4.196                                                               ...

Hi Experts, Wanted to know about VxLAN configuration on Cisco-FTD. Also need information about deep-packet inspecting the VxLAN traffic. Does it require any additional configuration. A configuration document would be helpful.   Thanks in advance!

AMD29 by Cisco Employee
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Hello, We are planing to add another ISP and run it as a backup link, using IP SLA and tracking. The backup link is mainly for Remote Access VPN. I am aware of the concept of configuring a backup interface and use a floating static route, but I want ...

Good day, We have ASA cluster, routing is symmetrical, so whatever traffic leaves through the master F/W it returns through the same firewall, same with the slave.. According to my limited understanding to how cluster works (I'm network guy not a sec...

ahmede1 by Beginner
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Dear all, I work for a Big company that uses your system. I use SQL servers for sql on a daily basis but when I’m connected to Cisco Anyconmect I’m rejected every time. I have two questions:  1- can I do something ( server side) so that the VPN recog...

Hi!I am using a virtual FMC 6.4.0 in order to do a migration from ASA. As you know, once you migrate the ASA policy package it creates you a rule for each ACE which extremely increases the number of rules in the FMC (in my case up to 20.000 rules).Ok...

trial by Beginner
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Hello! We have Cisco ASA 5525 in Failover mode (Active/Passive) (SW, 4 RDP Servers based on WinServer 2012R2(Serv_Net sec level 50), PCs connected to ASA (PC_Net, sec level 50) and uplink to Corporate Networks (CORP_NET, sec level 0). When w...

SlipKo by Beginner
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Hello people   i am trying to license my new FPR-2130 (for SSHv2) with Smart Software Licensing. However, when I look at the license details this appears:   Smart Licensing Status ====================== Smart Licensing is ENABLED Registration:   St...

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