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Need opinions on the best platform and hookup for PIX running in failover mode. We currently have two PIX515 in FO mode (using cable and Ethernet for the state). We have frequent lost of communications on the inside and outside I/F. So the boxes keep...

I am trying to configure pix 515e. I have inside address and outside address 63.67.x.x ip address inside ip address outside 63.66.x.x (inside) 1 0 0 global (outside) 1 interface My router address...

We are running VMS 2.3 and are trying to install the Cisco Security Agent 4.03. We keep getting the error "Unable to assign SA password". We uninstalled 2.3 and MSDE, shut down all resident programs (AV, etc.). Then follwoing the CISCO MSDE instruc...

No matter what I try I cannot get the IDS to fire an alarm on a custom service.http signature I'm trying to write. All I want is an alarm to fire when an internet user tries to issue an http request: PUT /index.htmNo matter where I add the RegEx or w...

pmacdanel by Level 1
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I am setting up a vlan on a layer 3 cat switch behind our pix. I have routing setup correctly on the switch and I have a route inside statement setup on the pix. the hosts on the new vlan subnet can access the internet through our subnet but cannot ...

skcarter by Level 1
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Is it possible to use a TACACS server(ACS 3.3 in our case) to authenticate IDS admin users? I can't seem to find this anywhere in the documentation. Thanks.

Ben.Levin by Level 1
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Hi,In order to allow Users to save their VPN-Password in the Connection profile of VPN Client, an Attribute called "SaveUserPassword" must be set to "1".But this setting is reset every time i connect to our central PIX 515. How can I tell the PIX to ...

wornet by Level 1
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Hi, I have just acquired a Pix 501 with 10 user licences and i do not have any knowledge in configuration of firewall. My existing network consists of a Aztech Router cum ADSL modem and a Cisco 2900 switch. I am using dynamic IP address form my ISP f...

mossad by Level 1
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