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I just wanted to get a sanity check on my current IOS  versions just to be sure there isnt a newer version I can go to without any issues.  In looking at the documentation, I believe this to be the highest version of FirePower and ASA/ASDM I can go t...

Hi team, I have 2 FMC 2600 hardware appliances. i want to setup dedicated link for both FMC synchronization. so i decided to use Fiber port. what would be the recommended SFP module speed (1G or 10G). Thanks in advance.

Vishnu_RR by Level 1
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The Scenario:On the ASA in CLI I can ping and successfully.On a host(PC) I can ping successfully but cannot ping (ping request could not find host am fairly new at all this but understand most of the...

Hi, I am trying to create an ACL for a host in DMZ which can receive emails from the outside, and send emails to one of our exchange servers internally. Also, to have HTTP/HTTPS access to the host from one of our jump boxes. This is what I used:ip ac...

FMC 6.6.1When adding IP's to the whitelist the FMC does not show anything in connection events. these just disappear.Trying to get this SSH_EVENT_RESPOVERFLOW fixed as I have legitimate traffic that is getting blocked.Pre filtered it using fastpath. ...

Hi All,After configuring both the router and firewall for LAN internet access the LAN computers was able to ping, and from their systems but was unable to load any page from the browser on the same system. I cannot pin...

ladilayo by Level 1
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Hi all,I've recenly reimaged asa 5506x to FTD, activated evaluation licences (all possible) and configured for my home purposes. Initially I had idea to enable Security inteligence option for network and URL .... as a reosult of this I lo...

slv_slv by Level 1
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