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Netmeeting thru pix

Hi all,I tried setting up netmeeting thro the pix. Calls need to register to a gatekeeper. I am running pix 6.2(2). Pix already has the default fixup protocol enabled. In the gatekeeper , i cud see the request and the reply sent from the gatekeeper, ...

PIX DNS/Hostname Blocking/Configuration

I started out on a mission to block instant messaging- (AIM, Yahoo, MSN) To avoid an endless list of IP's, I was planning on blocking the login servers by DNS name. I soon discovered that our PIX cannot resolve any hostnames. It can ping to the...

woodp by Beginner
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Hi everybody,Does anyone know about this Auto-Qos? how this work? And how can I configure this feature on a 3600 or a 2600 cisco router for Voice??tks,Danilo VidoAceNet do

danvido by Beginner
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PIX 501 DHCP-relay

We have a NT 4.0 DHCP-server. We want to use the DHCP-relay in the PIX.But it doesn't work. When we do debug dhcprelay eventdebug dhcprelay packetdebug dhcprelay error we get the respons DHCPRA msg received, fip=, fport=68DHCPRA: relay binding...

pix inside+dmz problem

Hi,I have a cisco 520 pix firewall and have the inside, outside and dmz working well. The INSIDE was addded recently and now, I want the inside and dmz zones to communicate with each other. IS this possible. If then how?can anyone help me out with s...

PIX with only 1 IP

Hello,I need to set up one of my home users with the PIX firewall, and am wondering how you allow mutiple inside hosts to use PAT when there is only 1 IP available (the PIX's external IP)? When I try the global command using the ext Int IP, the comma...

jdepies by Beginner
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How ACL's in PIX are processed (best fit?)

There seem to be a lot of misunderstanding in how the PIX firewall processes the ACL's. I always thought I did understand it, because I always been told that the PIX did process the whole ACL and selects the best fit. But, since today I do not unders...

l.mourits by Contributor
  • 15 replies
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