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I am planning a network upgrade of a existing using Network which uses EIGRP routing. The upgrade calls for the introduction of a PIX Firewall to secure access to several subnets. The problem is the firewall will inhibit EIGRP routing between the exi...

bowens by Beginner
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tftp works well on Pix 515 for write net and config net.When I did the same on a Pix 506 and Pix 501, I can write net, neither one will let me do a config net, even with a configuration I write net 1 minute ago from the same Pix.Is there any special ...

eppiet by Beginner
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Resolved! New FO PIX upgrade

I have a single UR PIX 515e running 6.3.3 in production. I'm adding a FO PIX 515e but it's running 6.3.1. I tried to add an IP address to the new FO PIX, it accepted the configuration and the inside interface got a link with my laptop. But TFTP an...

I have trawled through much documentation but cannot find a definitive answer to a basic question so I hope that one of you 'out there' can. Does (and if so which sw release) a pix support ipsec over udp (as per Cisco vpn client)? The pix being the t...

I am having a difficult time grasping what I need to do to configure my pix to handle bgp.Here is my situation:I have a multihomed router with two isps.isp1 interface: interface outside interface ip is

rbinc by Beginner
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Hello!I noticed that PIX can't use RIPv2 routing updates which have tagged routes (tag different than zero). For such routing updates I got this error message:107002: RIP pkt failed from version=2 on interface outsideIs this the feature or...

m.mojas by Beginner
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I have one PIX525 which includes 4 interfaces [e0(outside) e1(inside) and two gb-ethernets] . can I change the gb-ethernet0 to outside interface with securtiy level 0 and the gb-ethernet1 to inside interface with security level 100?I would appreciate...

HI!! I am gonna get one pix 515E-R-Bun. I need it with 3 interfaces for configuring 1 dmz. I know that it suppports for up to 6 interfaces, but is it necessary to ask for 3 interfaces expressly? Or it comes with 3? What is its default? Thanks

jorolas by Beginner
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- How do I setup a DMZ zone with PIX 501 firewall? Do I need to use an additional router? I have CISCO 1605 at my disposal.- If I can't do that, what would be an alterantive way to set an FTP server similarly to the DMZ way.(We're using IPsec/GRE VPN...

ovs8 by Beginner
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