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Quick questions,2 PIX, each having multiple interfaces/networks.Can 2 PIX connected directly to each other on one interface or a router is needed between the 2 PIX in order to route traffic between the networks?What's the main difference of the routi...

zeremy by Beginner
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current headquarter infrastructure consist of 3 3810's and 1 2610 (firewall) which will be replaced by Pix 506.. I'm wanting to accomplish remote access via POTS. Where do I get the client software?.. and licenses, i need this really quick?.. is the...

I have 2 PIX firewalls (PIX_A & PIX_B) on the same subnet (LAN1) and 1 remote PIX attached to LAN2. PIX_A has a private link connection to PIX_R. I have just added PIX_B and configured a static route for traffic bound for the remote LAN2 as follows:r...

jimh by Beginner
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I have a dns on inside using static ( . The dns database is resolving names to valid IP's. The problem is the worktations from inside can't access these servers using the valid IP's.I found some docs on Cisco site about D...

Hi All,Did someone ever encounter PIX problem when the pix configured for the syslog server with tcp port ?I encountered this problem when I configured the pix for syslog server with tcp port..the command is logging host <in_if> <host_ip> [tcp/port_n...

On a recent vpn implementation I was unable to browse the remote LAN via network neighborhood after connecting via Cisco vpn client using IPSec to a cisco 3015 cocentrator connected to a 4006 layer 3 switch, private interface of 4006 in vlan2 routed ...

abjames by Beginner
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I have site to site Configuration of VPN 3030 Concentrator ( one At HQ) and VPN 3005 Concentrator ( 14 At Branch Office). I want to measure the Bandwidth Utilization of VPN 3030 Concentrator at HQ.Is there any command,network management software tool...

I'm designing a network configuration for a customer and got a discussion with an IBM engineer about having the primary DNS behind a PIX in located in the DMZ.The question is :Is it true that there are problems ( ie is not possible ) doing NAT for th...

scolombo by Cisco Employee
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What type of log options to be configured in pix 515R.Like alarms,error,and etc., do i get a log report on daily basis..i hv configured thru telnet there any other good way to generate log report.i hv configured PDM also.we need a prin...

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