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Subinterface was configured on Portchannel interface of FTD device. When I trying to remove it I getERROR: Remove failover mac address configured on this sub-interface firstFound this bug CSCvo58030. The problem is I don't have any failover mac addre...

voipleo by Beginner
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I have Cisco ASA & below is the sequence of existing NAT. nat(inside,outside) source,outside) source,outside) source,outside) source,outside) sour...

RS19 by Participant
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  I was just able to get vulnerability scanning for a vFMC suite with 2110's started and it's calling out the SSL Certificate cannot be trusted.  This and a few others relating to the same thing.  The FMC has a valid certificate, but the scans are pi...

dewey89 by Beginner
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Hi Experts, In order to be able to establish sofphone calls from one VPN user working from Home to another VPN user working from HOme too, I need to enable the traffic between VPN users. I have ASA 5515. My understanding is that I need to add a NATna...

Ash160 by Beginner
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We have a website that is accessible on the Internet and only allowed to be accessed via our public IP. We need vpn users to be able to access via anyconnect when they are not in the office. To accomplish this, do I just add the IP of the website int...

Scott_22 by Beginner
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Hi all , The 200E does not appear to have the Hardware switch option like the 100E's on which I was able to just allocate an internal ip (hardware switch)  and I can get access to the switch without any more configurations.I need an internal network ...

machine23 by Beginner
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Need your help on this issue on the ASA5525.  QMS-BRC-DAAS-ASA5525# show processes cpu-usage | include DATAPATH    -          -        85.2%    76.0%    72.9%   DATAPATH-0-1903 QMS-BRC-DAAS-ASA5525# show processes cpu-usage | include DATAPATH    -  ...

We have a system in our DMZ which regularly hangs and the supplier have told us it's because we're NAT'ing the source address into the DMZ and the server can't handle so many connections coming from a single source address. Their recommendation is to...

BlueyVIII by Beginner
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We upgraded from ASAs a while back and when transferring policies and objects over to the new system, many, if not most of the items took a generic name, such as "DM_INLINE_xyz" or "Outside_connection_#xxx", which makes it diffult to know what the po...

Resolved! TFTP ASA Image

Current error I'm getting, not sure why.ciscoasa# copy tftp flashAddress or name of remote host []? filename [asa917-32-k8.bin]?Destination filename [asa917-32-k8.bin]?Accessing tftp://

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