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Unable to establish a VPN between ASA in the above scenario.Both ASA 1 and 2 form eBGP with R1 and advertise their networks and respectively.  PC1 private IP is translated to and PC2 private IP is translated to 12.1...

VPN Site-Site.PNG
S.U.H.E.L by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I experienced a weird issue in my ASA with Firepower Services in which I am trying to change the time from local to NTP.I am just using ASDM to manage my Firepower module and based on the ASDM configuration, it is already set to the correct N...

hello , I facing a tricky issue recently. I configured a remote access ipsec vpn (ikev1) on my new ASA (v9.8).and then, when the VPN client connected the VPN, the client can access inside source only, not able the access the internet via the VPN. yep... by Beginner
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Hi everyone We are planning to reimage our ASA 5516-X to FTD image, however, we have a concern about the licensing. Currently, we have our ASA running Firepower Services (HDD Module), when migrating to FTD image, the same license that we are using wi...

Hi All, I have a problem with ZBFW (on router). I tried to set it up like (I think) should it be, so Inside can initiate connection to the outside and to router itself but outside cannot initiate connection to inside and to router it self. Based on b...

kubn2 by Beginner
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Hi,  We are using ASDM ver 7.2, We have issue with Real time log viewer.   While using filter with IP address we can able to view logs running.  If we use filter with IP address configured name which won't show logs (For example we configured 10.x.x....

 Actually We have one Chellange . User is using all internal and internet access from Central Internet which is in MPLS Cloud , It is applied already for all branch location . For example we will take one of the location . User having GW confiugured ...

harmesh88 by Beginner
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Notice that pings to peer addresses for tunnel can be very slow (compared to similar distance tunnels that work) and also will fail every so many !!!! so I am thinking there is possibly a routing problem. Could this also affect the phase 1 Ikev1 nego...

Hi,   I need some procedures or steps to update the new license on my Firepower firewall. I have two firepower which i configured it as an HA. Last time when my superiors tried to updating new license into one of the firewalls, let say the primary on...

Halfeez92 by Beginner
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