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Hello people   i am trying to license my new FPR-2130 (for SSHv2) with Smart Software Licensing. However, when I look at the license details this appears:   Smart Licensing Status ====================== Smart Licensing is ENABLED Registration:   St...

Can anyone suggest how you would mirror the logs of your switch without turning on both TX and RX (so not to generate duplicate entries) ?I am monitoring RX packets which doesn't include the local switch logs, which I want to capture also !

ksherwood by Level 1
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Hello every one,I set up vpn site to site and its work fine so by default the internet is not allowed because only allowed tunneled traffic.if this correct??so if I want to allow users in my site A to use only one website like us and also k...

hamedha by Level 1
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What would be the difference between deploying two Logical Devices inside of a same FP 9300 box vs just having two context on a single Logical Device? What can you do with Multiple Logical Devices that you can't do with Multiple Context? Thx a lot

image.png image.png
George-Sl by Level 1
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Hello Community,we are in process of migrating our ASA's to FTDs and manage them through FMC but we have noticed that the current "Cisco Firepower Migration Tool" is just transforming the codes as is without any optimization or intelligence. for exam...

feras.j.d by Level 1
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I come to you because I have a problem in the office.Our ASAs in failover 5508-X lose connectivity on the outside interface, therefore the back up interface is activated and in order for it to work again, the ASAs must be restarted. This has been hap...

Scott12 by Level 1
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