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Hi All, Does de-registering/removing ftd from existing fmc and re-registering into new fmc would flush the configuration from ftd or it retains its configuration when i add into new fmc. Also if configuration has been flush from ftd, then would it st...

Vishal6 by Level 1
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Hello, I’m not at all familiar with any of the intricacies in any way and really am just requesting a simple version answer for this please. I just want to know which asa image file I need to use and what adsm image to use in order for the firepower ...

Hello All, Going to migrated Asa 5585-x in cluster to FTD 3120 using Migration tool. Basically i need some help/guidance on below points. 1) Does Migration tool supports Cluster configuration i.e cluster configuration wil also be migrated or only Asa...

Vishal6 by Level 1
  • 1 replies
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Cisco warriors, I need help with this please!I have SRX doing proxy-arp with directly connected to cat 9300 cisco  I want to put another SRX in between as a layer 3 for extra security. is there a way to keep the same IP address for the...

Johnson_Mo_0-1717548929793.png Johnson_Mo_1-1717549315119.png

I'm going live with FTDs for a new site managed by FMC soon. We currently have the FTDs (HA) setup and running. We have been testing VPN. We have other locally managed FTDs.(Plan to redeploy those later). Currently the default route for this new site...

davparker by Level 1
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"Deployment failed due to another deployment in progress for this device. Retry deployment," is the error.  I have rebooted firepower manager system but it is still stuck in deployment.  How do I kill the processors for deployment.  Had to re-image S...

Dale Dixon by Level 1
  • 8 replies
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Hi. I'm trying to establish if I have my firewall setup correctly for stateful failover. We've had reports that failing over the firewalls caused ip phones to drop their calls, suggesting it is not setup as stateful. From what I can establish, it is ...

Man29er by Level 1
  • 14 replies
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Hi Guys, I have a Cisco 1010 FTD using FW version 7.2.4 and I have 2 ISPs. One is a leased line but the other is a FTTC so that uses a PPPoE username, password with 1 singular external IP address. I have found the solution of an SLA monitor the defau...

jaydee201 by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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