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FTD IP SLA using Dynamic Default Routes

I am using FTDv version 7.3 FDM to configure policy-based VPN using a Hub and Spoke topology in a lab environment. The spoke's VPN profile uses two different outside interfaces as it's source (outside1 & outside2). Each spoke dynamically pulls it's o...

ChrisNye by Beginner
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Hello community, My client has around 30 FTDs which are managed by the same FMC. I want to upgrade FMC but, to do so FMC requires to deploy all pending FTDs, which in our case they are like 15 FTDs which at the moment are offline and I cannot deploy ...

Bledian by Beginner
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IPSEC tunnel Issues

Have an ISPEC tunnel between an ASA and Router that will go down periodically and not be able to be brought back up and/or both sites can't reach each other unless the SAs are manually renegotiated on my end. Below is debug for platform/protocol 127 ...

Resolved! VPN Load Balancing on FTD

We are working on migrating our Anyconnect VPN services from ASA to FTD and have been reading there is native load balancing available on the ASA but not sure if it's ready/available on FTD. Also, we have Kemp load balancers that are possibly availab...

Resolved! ASA - Syslog Message List by Event Class?

Hey gang:I'm updating my logging lists and would like to know if there is a list of syslog messages by event class (I found the list by severity level).  If not, is there some way to identify the class by looking at the syslog message number?Thanks.

Snort Auto Updates on FMC

Hi, I noticed something strange and wanted to share with the community and see if this someone has some info about this behavior. We have a daily Snort Rule Update set on the FMC ( probably not the best option - now I am thinking that weekly would be...

buffkata_1-1661880057903.png buffkata_0-1661879982571.png
buffkata by Beginner
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Packets appearing in ASP DROP?

*This is branching from a previous post in a different section. After learning more I figured I'd ask the question in the correct section* Hi,I have a situation where these things happen, I'd try to describe it as thorough as I can.1: I can start a c...

KGrev by Beginner
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