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SNAT and DNAT with 1 IP address

Hi All.. ive setup with my 3rd party bank using NAT.for example.. if i want to hit their server, i would need SNAT from my side.if they want to hit my server, i would set for DNAT from my side. how about i want to hit their server and get hit by thei...

NAT rfp-check Result: DROP

Hello I have an issue with NAT configuration packet-tracer input DMZ1 tcp 1212 445 Phase: 1Type: ROUTE-LOOKUPSubtype: inputResult: ALLOWConfig:Additional Information:in insidePhase: 2Type: ACC...

148784 by Beginner
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ASA 5506 Connection Count

We recently moved off our older ASA5510  hardware platform is favor of a 5506-X.  After the upgrade we started noticing some extremely odd behavior on the 5506 forcing us back to the 5510.  On the 5510 we routinely saw 500-1000 connections per-second...

loud72 by Beginner
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Redundant NAT in ASA

I am in requirement of double NAT (Primary and Secondary) in Cisco ASA, I need to configure single public IP to 2 different Inside Local IP address, in any case primary IP address fails, ASA should nat public IP to secondary IP. How do I achieve this...

Siva1980 by Beginner
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How ASDM Works with the ASA 5506

We have just received 18 ASA 5506 swap from the 42/82 RV's installed on our customers. Currently the role of the RV is to be the LAN gateway of the AP's, Loadbalancer, and VPN with the matrix of Oi for management.Now, as we know little about ASA5506,...

Resolved! FTDv/NGFWv in AWS BVI issue

Hi,   I've deployed an FTDv/NGFWv in an AWS VPC, changed the firewall mode to transparent, and registered it to an FMCv.  I've attached two additional network interfaces to the FTDv in the same subnet "".  Now when I try to create a BVI...

Resolved! FTD multi-instance parent type

Hi,Based in the following link: in application management in FTD they have the following interface type:- Da...


IOS-XE Geo-IP Filtering

Greetings all,  Want to ask the community if any native IOS-XE functionality exists to dynamically perform Geo-IP filtering on public Internet facing interfaces? Obviously you can do this with FirePower, but that is a next gen firewall that is design...

Cisco ASA5510 configuration help

Hi, I need some help with Cisco ASA configuration. Basically I have one dummy switch used to feed my active/passive firewall. On that switch I have following configuration: ip subnet-zeroip routing!ip route xx.xx.xx.113!vlan 101name i...

MartynasSm by Beginner
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Options to upgrade the SFR module

Let us assume i have a firepower sfr model running with older version5.3.X, now I want to upgrade that module to 6.2.xNow the question is, can i shutdown sfr and uninstall the existing version and upgrade the latest version ?Or I have to follow the u...

KRSC by Beginner
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Anyconnect Migration with Certs to FTD

Hello, I attempted to migrate anyconnect from ASA to FTD. We currently authenticate users using certificates only. The certs are issue to domain machine via our internal PKI.  I exported the pkcs for the public cert and enrolled in FMC and that worke...

NETAD by Enthusiast
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