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I want to license Cisco ASA 5506-X but the captcha keeps coming as black so I can't continue. Please see the attchment.I have tried PCs with different Java versions but can't get the captcha characters to be displayed.Has anyone come across this issu...

a.ajiboye by Beginner
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Hello All, I have two Cisco ASA-5525-X in an HA pair. I also have two Anyconnect PAK's of AC-VPNO-100....Do I need to install 1 of each PAK on each of my ASA's which would come out to only 100 Anyconnect since its in an HA pair or do I need to instal...

dan hale by Participant
  • 9 replies
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I have setup a syslog alert, I enabled syslog at the access control policy and I enabled each rule for syslog but I am not getting any data at the syslog server.  Is there somewhere else I need to go to get this to work? I am using FMC VM 6.3 and ASA...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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Hello Everyone, I would like to expand ASA-5555 with a 6-port GbE card to have a total of 14 RJ-45 ports so I can use it as a replacement for my old catalyst switch. The ordering information table lists two part numbers for the card: ASA-IC-6GE-CU-C ...

alsayegh by Beginner
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I set Failover on ASA, but the following events occur.If you have similar experience, I would appreciate it if you could tell me the cause and the solution. ■ ASA Failover Problems・ After Act-Stby is switched from ASA # 1 to ASA # 2 by Failover due t...