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I am thinking my issue is NAT, but I am wondering about how to get this to work.  I have the following setup:[Switch]---[ASA]---[Cloudgenix]---[ISP] The cloudgenix is doing the NAT for the internet because that is the best method when you are connect...

Firepower Management Center API - Object Management   One of my customers, recently migrated to Cisco Firepower Threat Defense. One of the challenges that I ran into was the ASA Configuration migration script from Cisco duplicated objects in Firepowe...

I'm trying to to configure a router cisco 2921, but I'm a beginner.Basically I have 5 interfaces in this router, 2 of them I use for ISP links and the others I configured for independent lans with their own dhcp. My problem is, I want  interface Giga...

daniel253 by Level 1
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Dear Community, I'm trying to build HA on FMCv for two ftds 2120.The specs of the devices are:FMCv: 6.3.0 software FTD 2120: Cisco Firepower 2120 Threat Defense (77) Version (Build 59) During the HA procedure all prerequisites are met, I'm a...

MTN_CY by Level 1
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Hi,  how can i configure dhcp relay on the FMC - FTD in a way that is pointing to different DHCP servers for different interfaces?In a switch point view i  need to achieve as below on the FMC int vlan 100   ip addr   ip help...

Hi AllI have 3 networks inside company (1st), (2nd) and (3rd)I also have ASA5525 running 9.7(1)4 and sfr running has inside interface from 1st network goes through sfr to ...

Hi team,   Where can I find ISE component compatibility with FTD which is not included in the below document.   I can see DACL and COA are suppor...

xili5 by Cisco Employee
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