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Hi, I have a question regarding rules update, from what i read in the manual, rule update will provide new/modified some base rules and settings. is it possible to revert back to old rule update in case the new update have some impact to current ne...

This isnt ment to be a flame thread. During a security audit our vendor said that the Cisco IDS's we use are not really that good and we should move to SNORT.Is SNORT a good product to use in conjuction with the Cisco IDS or just by itself replacing ...

sjamison by Beginner
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Hello, we're seeing input errors and overruns on mainly 2 interfaces that are apart of a port channel on our ASA.  Our load balancing on this device is Source and Destination IP.  I'm wondering if I should change this as when we do backups these inte...

cshannahan by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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  Hi Everyone, During our maintenance window i need to delete few interfaces from ASA.In ASDM when i filter by these interface names i see many acl configured for these interfaces but ACL have different name as compare to interfacename.If i delete th...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi, just wondering if I remove a sensor or FTD in FMC then re-register it again will the firepower config in the sensor or FTD will be lose? Or is it everytime a sensor or FTD re-register to a FMC the FP configuration is gone? thanks

Dear All,   I have been using Cisco ASA 5510 for last 7-8 years now the requirement is to upgrade to IOS so that the current firewall supports advance encryption schemes. Currently i am running Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.2(5...

M Talha by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Hi bros,   I am having an issue with the detailed information below and need your advice: - Using the FP2140 and virtual FMC. - Topology: Internet User <=> Router <=> Switch <=> FP2140 <=>Baracuda WAF <=> DMZ. We spanned the traffic from Internet Use...

hanguye3 by Cisco Employee
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Hello We have 2 firepower 8360. I added them in FMC. We want to config them in HA mode. We wand to use 2 port in portchannel mode for HA link between them. I couldn't find how to do it. Can I use 2 port for HA link? How can I do it?   Thank you.  

MKH by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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We had a 5510 fail in our HA active/active failover pair. I've rebuilt the failed one by replacing the internal CF and reloaded it to the point it's ready to be paired. My question is, I could only find a 64MB CF, and the original one was 256MB. Asid...

CAR IT by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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