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Cisco Firewall 5506 Firepower suddenly consuming high memory 3% > 83% . (80% jump) please help

Hello  I have a Cisco Firewall FirePower 5506 and suddenly its consuming high memory it was on 3% and now its on 83% .  I have disabled all the Syslogs and logging on this firewall however no change at all memory is still very high .    Please guide ...

Cisco ASA Memory jump.PNG ASDM-Memory.PNG

exit from expert mode on FTD

Hi;   I installed FTDv 6.2.2 on ESXi and want to register it on FMC. But while I SSH to the FTDv, I always put in expert mode (admin@firepower:~$). I tried "exit" and "logout" command and even "CTRL+A then D" keys but all of them just logout me from ...

FMC Licensing and Email

Hey,   I have a quick question, I wan't to know if it is possible to set up an auto email/Schedule Task that will pull FirePOWER License information (License Type, Status, Number of Licenses, and the Licenses Expiration Date). If this is possible can...

Vaztech by Beginner
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Upgrade 5.4.1 to 6.0

Getting this error on the upgrade, tried to purge connection events and whatnot...still not close to getting what I need available though.  Thoughts? ui:[ 2%] Running script 000_start/[ 3%] Running script 000_start/105_che...

Last Local Malware Detection

Under System, Integration, AMP for Networks my FireSIGHT reports the Last Local Malware Detection Update as Thu Jan 28 18:13:40 2016. Is that correct? If not is there a way to force or schedule an auto update? Everything else on my system (rules, geo...

regular translation creation failed

Hi,I have several Errors on the Firewall :<163>%ASA-3-305006: regular translation creation failed for icmp src LAN:192.168.1.x dst WAN:169.254.x.x (type 0, code 0)LAN IP (192.168.1.x) are Access point,printers,videoprojector .. ( the errors concerns ...

avburren1 by Beginner
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L-ASA5515-BOT-1YR= / Replacement?

Hello everyone!   I'll probably have a lot of questions in the weeks, months to come since I'm new as a product specialist for Cisco Security ! I hope I can be of some use myself to the community soon...   I have a request for the renewal of this lic...

XLG by Beginner
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Destination Ports for Sharepoint

Hi,  My server team have sharepoint installed on the DMZ.  I have a firewall rule (1) allowed for corporate network access to the dmz on htttps which works fine.  But i also from the dmz rule (2) back to the domain controllers on the corporate networ...

ohareka70 by Participant
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Cisco ASA vs Juniper SRX

Hi AllNot sure if this is the correct forum for this thread....I am working for a consultancy firm and we are under increasing pressure from various customers to use Juniper SRX's in place of Cisco ASA equivalent due to cost. The ASA is a great produ...

Upgrading a asa firewall to use asdm

Hi I am just starting to learn ccna security. I bought an asa 5510 with ver 7.2 on it. When I do a sh ver I get this.   Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 7.2(2)19Detected an old ASDM version.You will need to upgrade it before using A...

mick463 by Beginner
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