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We have a Firesignt Management Center in VMWare managing Firepower modules at two DCs.   It looks like the original plan was to have a second one, and use HA - but this isn't available in VM.   If the DC failed that currently houses FMC, then the ser...

ASA Standby active websites down

Hi All ,   I have a pair of Cisco ASA 5525-X, in HA.  The have 9 context's on them.  when in active on the primary everything works fine but when I do no failover active, ie the standby then becomes active, one of the contexts websites stop working. ...

Iain Goad by Beginner
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ASA Syslog load balancing

Is it possible to direct different Event Lists to different syslog servers?  My goal is to send specific messages, like 305011 to one syslog server, and all others to a different syslog server.   Is that possible?  ASA-5585X, 9.6(4)3.     Thanks!

0rsnaric by Beginner
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ASA Failover 5510/5510sc

Hi community, please help with following question.   I have a 5510 ASA in standalone mode, but going to change it to failover. I have another ASA, but with security context support, ASA 5510sc. Is this a restriction for failover connectivity? As I ca...

Resolved! updating asa964-3-lfbff-k8.SPA disables port on 5508-X (two reboots to fix)

Have a new 5508-X clusters  running the first code update  (asa963-9-lfbff-k8.SPA) that addressed the 1st webvpn security bug.   Did in-place update, copy code etc  to standby, copy to active, make config changes on active, reboot standby. Make stand...

dmooreami by Participant
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Resolved! Manage my FMC using a public IP

I'm trying to setup access to our Firepower Management Center using a public IP and I've been unsuccessful. I have a 1:1 NAT created that maps to the FMC mgmt IP and I've created a Prefilter Policy allowing our Corp Network to Fastpath to the FMC. I ...

meconomou by Beginner
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Resolved! Firepower sensor upgrade.

I have 5525x ASA's in a HA pair. When they went into production we didn't have the licenses for the Firepower sensors. The firepower version they are currently running is 5.4. I would like to upgrade them to 6.2.2 or the latest version. The policy ma...

mdieken011 by Beginner
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ASDM: packet tracer: link "show rule in access rules table" doesn't work but only for inside rules

Hi all,   ASDM: packet tracer: link "show rule in access rules table" doesn't work but only for inside rules and works fine for all other access-group access-rules   Not sure if this is a bug but, If it was a bug should have affected overall?   Best ...

M Mohammed by Beginner
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