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Hi All,   I'm after a recommendation regarding ACP rules for a new firepower deployment   We have 2 datacentres, each with a separate internet connections that use different IP addresses and have different inbound/outbound security policy requirement...

dm2020 by Beginner
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Hi I have FMC version and I add 4 firepower 8350 on it. I have bought four FTD 4110 recently and I want to add them in my FMC, but when I want to add them, FMC show me below message: “To add Firepower Threat Defense devices, register this con...

MKH by Beginner
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Hello,   I have a problem on Cisco Asa. Here are my config:   object network PARTNER-NETOBJ subnet (PARTNER,outside) dynamic AAA.AAA.AAA.AAA   object-group service PARTNER-SEROBJ service-object tcp destination eq www service...

bvn63 by Beginner
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Hello Experts,  We have a single ASA-5512 running firepower 6.2.3.x and I am currently using FDM to manage it. We have a threat license enabled.  Can someone recommend how to setup policies for DOS/DDOS protection ?   All i am looking to do is implem...

NeerajS by Beginner
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Hi team,   Is it possible to create network objects using FQDN in FTD? Based on this statement I don't think it's possible: "In ASA, a network object can contain a host, a network IP address, a range of IP addresses, or a fully qualified domain name ...

Has anybody configured the ASA's with DDNS to or any other DDNS vendor? I'm having a problem with the DDNS commands and there's no configuration guide on Cisco's website. The Command ref is a little lacking tooIf anybody has done this, a sa...

ciscors by Beginner
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Hello All,   We are planning to deploy 3 pair of Firepower NGFWv firewalls in Azure cloud, so I understand they can be managed only by FMC in On-Premise or in AWS cloud. My thought was can't these firewalls be managed locally & individually? I mean l...

Hi,  I have a SourceFire Product License like this. I don't know how to use it with the 5506W-X: Please help.   Thank you!   Product Name              :  ASA5506W-CTRL-LICProduct Description       :  Cisco ASA5506W-X Control LicenseProduct Qty     ...

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huyan by Beginner
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