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Hi All, I have upgraded the FPR1010 version from 7.0.0 to and changed from snort  2 to snort 3.However, I have experienced the snort 3 keep crashing like the image below:+Sometimes it shows snort is down.As you can see the snort 3 Performance...

chocolate2395777_1-1697764734188.png chocolate2395777_2-1697764775094.png chocolate2395777_0-1697764429007.png

Hello all,I have setup my FTD to be managed by the FMC. When I tried to access the CLI through COM port, the password isnt accepted.Do the CLI access gets disabled if the FTD is managed by the FMC?

Cisco3105 by Level 1
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Resolved! FTD Disable Rules

I am managing FTD from FDM and I am looking for options where I need to disable a few access rules. Is there any option to disable the rules before deleting them?

taro75 by Level 1
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Hi Is FTDv 7.3.1 supported on VmWare version 8 update 2 ? We run a FTDv HA setup, and just upgraded from VmWare version 7.x to version 8 update 2, after that our secondary FTDv seems to be fine from VmWare point of view, but in FTDv CLI all interface...

henrikj by Level 1
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