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Hi all, I need to make a copy from cisco asa to TFTP moreover add information of the timestamp in the name o of file like this: tftp:// This example above is configured in the switch but I cant...

felcor by Level 1
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Hello, I'm working on Analysis Intrusion Events on FMC.  I notice that a message "Internal_Event_Session_Add" is always there which shows TCP connection detected with many many counts.   After checking my IPS Policy, it said this rule is disabled. I ...

h.dam by Level 1
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Hi Team   We need to manage the firewall in different geographical location with the management server(FMC) in our DC. My questioned are : - 1) what is the acceptable latency in ms is accepted to manage the appliance and pushing the policies ? 2) If ...

I'm having a confusing moment configuring static NAT with a Single IP address. I want to allow TCP-1723 traffic through to a server on the inside interface, while using a single IP address for this static NAT and PAT from inside to outside.    So for...

Ryeloc by Level 1
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Hey guys, so last weekend I had a problem when implementing 2 Cisco 5508X ASA's.  I had the routes correct, the VLANs being trunked, mac addresses on the interfaces and even thousands of hit counts on my rule sets.  Only problem was that I was not ge...

cbkirwan1 by Level 1
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Hello, I have events from this preprocessor signature STREAM5_NO_3WHS   I just read online that is triggering when the 3way handshake is not completed. Do you have more info o documentation?   Thank you R

rick11 by Level 1
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I would like to remove the Default-RSA-Key from my HA ASA 5525-X with FirePower, as it was only created with 1024 bits, but I have a few questions...   If I use the command "crypto key zeroize rsa" will all the keys get removed or just the default?  ...