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I have a 5525 with radius configured. I recently had to configure from an existing config and in the process the aaa-sever key was corrupted. It is set as "key 8 <hash>" I can set the password using the "key <password>" and radius will work. I would ...

netspazz by Beginner
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I have been looking for documentation that states exactly what is set when one uses the "Enable STIG Compliance" command on an ASA.  I have been unable to find what is actually done on the system once this is implemented.  Can anyone point me to the ...

bradleelee by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,   I have a customer who wanted to see FirePOWER FMC events in action based of a couple of test scenario's.  We decided to connect upstream from their FirePOWER device and run some test attacks from a laptop.  For one of the test, we used...

Hello All,   We are currently in process for replacing an existing Check Point Firewall with Cisco FTD Appliance. In the current Check Point Setup we are using the Check Point as the Gateway for the Management Subnet ( Manager Appliance in Mgmt Subne...

I am learning how to create ASA site to site VPN. It looks like this: Site A inside IP ( E 0/1 101.1) ASA 5505 (E 0/0 11.21) IP AT&T x.x.x.94 Site B inside (G1/1 0.1) ASA 5506-X x.x.x 27 Linksys +Comcas...

blin by Beginner
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currently have a HA pair  of ASA 5525x's  without firepower   can someone confirm the list below is all that's needed to add firepower, do i need anything else,  apart from some training   we are only looking to add URL filtering to the firewall   AS...