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Firepower 1010 (ASA-Image) : How to upgrade the ASDM?

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Level 3

Hello everybody,

our customer has a Firepower 1010 running ASA image 9.14(4) and ASDM 7.14(1).

He wants to upgrade the OS to rel. 9.18(3). In this case we have to upgrade
the ASDM too.

In the ASA-configuration (see attached) I don't see the 'asdm image' command
even if the flash contains a asdm.bin file (see attached).

In the ASDM the position is empty too (see attached screen dump).

On the FX-OS I don't see a ASDM file too(see attached).

How is the correct procedure to upgrade the ASDM to rel. 7.19(1)95? Is there
a guide for this situation?

Thanks a lot!





1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

@swscco001 yes, use the bundled ASDM version with the ASA upgrade bundle, so you don't need to manually replace the ASDM image.

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Check this link

I think asdm 7.14 not support 9.18 in fpr 1010

@swscco001 you are running ASA 9.14(4) connecting using ASDM 7.14(1), but the recommended version to manage 9.14(4) is ASDM 7.17(1) - this may explain why you cannot see the image from ASDM.


migrating to 9.18(3) means you need to run ASDM version 7.19(190) minimum


Refer to the ASA upgrade guide previously provided for the correct upgrade procedure.

Level 3
Level 3

Hello everybody once again,

I don't have a problem with the compatibility between the ASA OS and the ASDM release:

The ASDM rel. 7.19(1)95 is supporting the current ASA image 9.14(4) and the ASA OS
rel. 9.18(3) I want to upgrade to.

The main question is: Can I upgrade the ASDM using the ASDM (before I upgrade the ASA OS)
or do I need to use the FX-OS to do this and what is the correct procedure in this case?

Thanks a lot for every hint!


@swscco001 the recommended procedure is to upgrade ASDM image first (if not using the bundled ASDM version with the ASA upgrade bundle), then copy the ASA image to the device and change the boot image, write memory and reboot.

Refer to the following section in the cisco guide -


Hi Rob,

thanks fo your fast reply!

In the manual you pointed to I read:

"If you previously set a non-default ASDM image, then reset it to the image that came with your image bundle.
The image bundle includes the ASDM image, and when you upgrade the ASA bundle, the ASDM image in
the bundle replaces the previous ASDM bundle image on the ASA after reloading because they have the same
name (asdm.bin)."

The customer has the default ASDM image (asdm.bin) so I don't need to upgrade the ASDM separately because
it is contained in the ASA image bundle for the Firepower 1010 - do you agree?

Thanks a lot!


@swscco001 yes, use the bundled ASDM version with the ASA upgrade bundle, so you don't need to manually replace the ASDM image.

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