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Same Vlan on Multiple Subinterfaces Cisco ASA 5506-x

Level 1
Level 1


i'm trying to setup some subinterfaces the following way

Interface GigabitEthernet1/7.2
Vlan 2
Interface GigabitEthernet 1/8.2
Vlan 2

how ever it doesn't allow me to put vlan 2 on the 1/8.2 subinterface 
"ERROR: Vlan 2 exists in the global vlans table"

I am trying to setup the sub interfaces as gateways for the users/machines on each vlan.

Port 1/7 is linked to switch-01 and port 1/8 is linked to switch-02

now i do realize that i probably cannot have as the IP on 2 subinterfaces either, but i am not sure how to properly do the setup otherwise so i will figure that issue out at a later point


i also plan on doing a HA (active/standby) with FW01 as master to help with redundancy.
if anything else appears odd and you have feedback i highly appriciate it  

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Hall of Fame

You need to run HSRP depends on the requirement if this configuration you apply in the switch ?

Also i expecte ASA  FW Active /Standby config - please confirm ?


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yes, it will be an active/standby config.

the switches are L2 and will not have a lot configured on them.

we have since then found out that it is not possible to do HSRP on cisco asa 5506-x and we have decided to place 2 routers between the L2 switches and the firewalls

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