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Hello   i have  HA FW  CISCO 1010  i want  to upgrade  the two  FW  active passive with  FMC 4000.  yesterday , the update is performed only on the FW2    but the upgarde is not  performed in FW1 !!!? FW2  will  be  70.4 but FW1 is still  6.6.1 ...

-------------------------------------Title:"Intrusion Event Not Occur"-------------------------------------Hello,I'm having trouble with IPS intrusion events not occurring as expected.Test traffic that should be dropped by IPS(Snort 3),On the FMC, No...

usako-san by Level 1
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Hi recently we got an auditor requesting that we change the self-signed SSL on a cisco C1111-8P running IOS XE Version 17.3.4a because the SSL chain has been signed with a weak hash, in this case SHA-1. The following certificates were part of the cer...

I'm trying to login into my ASA 5520 ASDM IDM luncher, but when I put the ip address of the ASA, the username and the password into the ASDM launcher I'm getting "unable to launch device manager from 192.168.x.x.can anyone help. I have read through t...

Hey Guys I am replacing Firewall ASA NAT with Firepower based FTD can someone explain 1) In the below Auto NAT rule I cannot create a Duplicate rule to allow Destination Interface Backup. It will complain in Firepower that duplicate source cannot be ...

ASANATA.jpg ASANATB.jpg ASANATC.jpg FTDAutoNatAddInterface.jpg

Working on a FlexConfig for EIGRP, have managed to work my way through most of the configuration.Still having issues with a couple commands....1. passive-interface $outside2. distribute-list $acl outwhen i try and deploy, the failure log always shows...

Hi,i'm trying to configure AD agent, but always return the following error appears: I checked LOGs of agent, the follow message appears: "26/09/2015 20:48:23","debug","[0001] - Error connecting to System.Management.ManagementException: ...

Assume these are applied to my Gig0/0.98 svi on my router for wireless devices.Interpret my acls!  What is going on there?  Am I missing anything?Make recommendations for improving these acls.How would I configure on a router?I have uploaded notes an...

I have existing FMCs. I have a requirement to build new FMCv after current devices retire. What is the best method for sizing for future vFMCs. Basically I need to know aside from managed devices what logs/events/storage/connections I have to look at...

S891 by Level 2
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Hello, Can someone please advise if it is possible to configure ECMP static routes on FDM v6+? We can see on Cisco's config guide for the device manager that we can have up to 8 equal cost static routes per interface, however we are hitting an error ...

SaraZeko by Level 1
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I am trying to change the password of a user in the ISE repository automatically.I am trying to change the password from the CLI as follows, but it is not reflected in the GUI after setting.ise/admin# configure terminalEnter configuration commands, o...

Suzukikoki by Spotlight
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