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Networking and Data Center Products Overview (Winter 2021)

Community Manager

Welcome to the overview guide that covers the latest in Cisco Networking and Data Center innovations and new product introductions. You'll find information on Intent Based Networking updates, special promotions and free trials, as well as exclusive upcoming product deep-dive sessions in the Networking and Data Center tracks of Customer Connection. (Learn more about the program and how to join)


AnnouncementsDCN image.PNG

Small but powerful Cisco Catalyst micro switches

A new category of switches for flexibility

Catalyst products span data center, cloud and branch

A big wireless experience for any deployment size

Expanding network orchestration and policy management


Cisco Catalyst Micro Switches


Cisco Catalyst Micro Switches At-a-Glance

Cisco Catalyst Micro Switches FAQ

Cisco Catalyst Micro Switches Data Sheet


Cisco DNA Center 


Cisco DNA Center At-a-Glance

Cisco DNA Center Solution Overview

Cisco DNA Center FAQ


Cisco SD-Access

ISE Flat Logo @ 250px.png

Cisco SD-Access At-a-Glance

Cisco SD-Access FAQ

Cisco SD-Access: Introducing an Entirely New Era in Networking Solution Overview

Cisco SD-Access Visibility Driven Segmentation At-a-Glance


Cisco SD-WAN

Sd Wan Router_cb_256.png

Cisco SD-WAN At-a-Glance

Cisco SD-WAN Data Sheet 



Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller


Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller Data Sheet

Cisco EWC on Catalyst Access Points FAQ

Cisco EWC on 9100 Catalyst Access Points Presentation

Wireless Ordering Guide with Cisco DNA Subscription Licenses


Cisco Catalyst Switches


Cisco Catalyst 8000V Edge Software Ordering Guide

Cisco Catalyst 8200 Series Edge Platforms FAQ

Cisco Catalyst 8200 Series Edge Platforms Data Sheet

Cisco Catalyst 8300/8200 Series Edge Platforms Ordering Guide

Cisco Catalyst 8500 Series Edge Platforms Data Sheet

Cisco Catalyst 8500 Series Edge Platforms FAQ

Cisco Catalyst 8500 Series Edge Platforms Ordering Guide

Cisco Catalyst 8200 Edge uCPE FAQ

Cisco Catalyst 8200 Edge uCPE Ordering Guide

Cisco Catalyst 8200 Edge uCPE Data Sheet

Cisco Catalyst Cellular Gateway FAQ


Data Center Networking

ACI Multi-site_cb_256.png

Meet Cisco Nexus Dashboard: manage, monitor and troubleshoot your entire network

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Data Sheet

Cisco Nexus Dashboard At-a-Glance

Cisco Nexus Dashboard for Data Center FAQ


Connect with Cisco and Peers

Situation Manager_cb_256.png

Join Customer Connection Program

  • Interact directly with Cisco product teams and thousands of peer experts worldwide
  • Get access to product roadmaps
  • Participate in early adopter trials
  • Stay up to date with monthly on-line briefings including

Networking Product Introduction Series

    • February 2: What's New from Cisco Routing & SD-WAN
    • February 9: Catalyst 8K Phase 2 Launch Update
    • February 10: What's new in the new Cisco DNA Center
    • February 16: C8200 and 8200 uCPE deep dive
    • February 17: Wireless Updates: 1) Fastlane+ for iOS devices and 2) license-free Wi-Fi 6 solution
    • February 23: How to monetize Your Space with Cisco DNA Space

Data Center Networking Product Introduction Series

    • February 24: Cisco Nexus Dashboard: Under the hood with Day 2 Operations for full Hybrid IT operations
    • March 3: Next Generation SAN Fabric Health check with Cisco SAN Insights Discovery

  • Catch up on previous briefings (recordings, presentations and Q and A)


Cisco Networking Promotions and Free Trials


Get a discount on Cisco products for a limited time or try some solutions for free

Cisco Catalyst Embedded Wireless Controller Infrographic

The Road to Wi-Fi 6 ebook

Cisco Group-Based Policies for Zero Trust-Security white paper 



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