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Cisco Employee

Interface Type Problem

Hello all,


I am trying to connect NSO to VPP. I created a NED for a netconf device with all (i.e., ietf-interfaces, ietf-ip, ietf-yang-types, iana-if-type) yang models. But when I start to connect I receive an Error in which Interface type is not valid. I have a device with ianaift:ethernetCsmacd type. Any help is appreciated?



Kind Regards,



Accepted Solutions

Well the NED model you have in NSO doesn’t match what is being provided from the device I suspect.

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Cisco Employee

Can you provide a bit more data? Are you trying to execute a sync-from?


Firstly, thanks for your reply. Actually, I have a host which is running a VPP. I connect VPP to sysrepo, then to netopeer2-server (NETCONF server). I have an interface in VPP which is called host-eth0. I created a NED for this machine with these yang models (ietf-interfaces, ietf-ip, ietf-yang-types, iana-if-type). Then, I connect to this device which is successfully done. Now, my goal is to turn up/down an interface or assign an IP to it. But in the first step as you said when I sync-from(). I receive this error.


I hope I clarified the problem.

Kind Regards,

Cisco Employee

Where did you get the yang modules that you created the NED from?  Directly from the VPP instance you are trying to connect to or from somewhere else?

Does the iana-if-type.yang file that you've included in your yang NED have interface type ianaift:ethernetCsmacd specified?

You can view the file contents to see or you can attempt to manually configure the interface with this type from the NSO command line.




I just received it from github yang models. It is version 2014, I see inside there is an identity for ethernetCsmacd. I think the yang model should be fine because from netopeer2-cli I can connect to the device. Do you think the problem is the model?




Well the NED model you have in NSO doesn’t match what is being provided from the device I suspect.

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Yes, I'd be suspicious that a model from 2014 is still valid on a VPP instance running now - 5 years later...






The best way to help you is if you provide the raw NED traces and the YANG modules that you used. Do you know how to get them?






Since I was using sysrepo as the yang datastore. I made a NED with all of the yang modules in sysrepo, then I just removed those which does not needed one by one. In this way, it worked for me.


Thank you all for your support.