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Cisco Global Order Management RMA One Source Forum

Cisco Employee

Welcome to Global Order Management RMA One Source Forum!

The objective of Global Order Management is to ensure every RMA (Returned Material Authorization) is delivered to our customers within agreed commitment. We do it by providing and managing a comprehensive set of systems, tools and processes that meet Cisco’s guidelines. We continue to focus on the customer experience as we evolve the efficiency and ease of the service order life-cycle.

Customer Experience is Our # 1 Goal:

Through an on-going initiative of system enhancements driven by users like you, our primary goal is to continually improve the interface, functionality, and capabilities of Cisco Product Returns and Replacements Tool (PRR), along with the other 15 tools that fall within the Global Order Management scope and compliment PRR.

What Does Global Order Management Do:

Cisco's Global Order Management (GOM) team is responsible for ensuring the tools and business controls are in place to support all customers - internal and external, partners and any cross-functional groups - within the CX (Customer Experience) team.

Commitment to Business Readiness - Training, Socialization and Adoption:

Global Order Management provides in-house solutions to all of our stakeholders to ensure they are up to speed and aware of any impacts to our set of applications.  By collaborating with the development teams, logistical and technical assistance partners, and customers and partners, we are able to provide a consistent cadence for the release of training and resource materials, coupled with standardized communications (Memos and Newsletters), giving all of our user base the information they need to process RMAs.

Product Return and Replacement Tool - Easy to Use - 4 Simple Steps to Create your RMA:

The PRR Tool provides users with a simplified, 4 step process for creating an RMA.  Those steps include:

  1. Part Information Step
  2. Site Information Step
  3. Delivery Details Step
  4. Review & Submit Step

We want to support our external Customers and Partners with the usage of this tool, and to keep them up to speed on new features or functionality.  

Below you will find links to the basic RMA process for new users.  

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