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Managing your Cisco Assets with My Devices - AMA

Community Manager
Community Manager
This event is an opportunity to discuss about My Devices, its features, capabilities, and usage. My Devices is a simple web-based application that lets you build and manage a persistent list of Cisco products you own.
Our experts can help you to solve your doubts here after the event!

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Ask questions from Thursday 14th to Friday 22nd of January, 2021

Featured Speaker
djdube.jpgDave Dubé is a Technical Leader and Product Owner in Cisco’s Customer Experience (CX) organization. He currently works on defining product requirements for the development of multiple customer and partner facing platforms, mobile, and web-based support applications. Dave has been at Cisco for over 21 years and has worked in a wide variety of areas from designing custom Cisco Silicon within our mid-range routing portfolio to Product Management within Cisco’s CX organization. Dave holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in business administration.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi David and Scott thanks for delivering such an amazing session last week

Please help to answer the following questions related to the topic

  • Does MyDevices allow me to create folders or groups?

Effectively yes - although not in the typical file/directory structure people typically associate with folders.


Each user's collection is effectively a flat file of devices (Serial Numbers), but you can filter the list based on device attributes whether that be on product Category (Routing, Switching, etc), Coverage (Covered under a contract and associated to your CCO ID profile, covered, but on a contract not associated with your CCOID profile, not covered), by Site location, etc. on the "Devices" tab.


In each instance, you can select multiple device attributes on the Devices tab to refine/filter the list. Once you have the list of devices to your liking you can then export the filtered list to a CSV file containing all the device attribute.


With that said, the "pre-canned", filterable attributes might not meet everyone's needs. As such, My Devices supports the ability to define your own, custom attributes by adding tags to a device. You can add one or more tags to a device by either editing the device information on the device details page, or by adding tags when you upload your devices through the CSV file. If you chose this method, each tag would be separated by a "pipe" character (ie "|", for example "East | Maine | Penobscott" would be three separate tags associated with the associated Serial Number.


Community Manager
Community Manager
  • What attributes of a device are searchable?

The following device attributes are searchable:


  • Serial Number
  • Product ID
  • Device or Host Name
  • User provided device Tags
  • Product Category
  • Product Model
  • Contract Number
  • Site Location

The search function supports partial matches (Ex: If you had multiple contracts beginning with "915", you could filter on just those three digits to get all the devices on those contracts beginning with "915".


Note: The Search function is applied on the filtered list. If you select any filtered devices attributes, the search will only be applied at the resulting list of devices after the filters have been applied.

Community Manager
Community Manager
  • What is the purpose of tags?

Device tags are a way for users to define different, and unique device groupings that make sense to your company.


Tags can be applied when editing a device, when importing a list of serial numbers via a CSV file, or after selecting multiple devices (see page 13 of the My Devices User Guide).


Tags can be helpful if you have a defined, structured taxonomy for devices within your network. Keep in mind, you can add one or more tags to any device. 

Hilda Arteaga
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Thanks for clarifying the questions @David Dube 


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