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Automated attendant

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I come from a definity G1 background and am learning CCM 5.04. I don't know the Cisco terminology for what I need, so please bear with me. We need to add an extension that can be selected from the after-hours greeting. This extension will only forward calls to an on-call cell phone number. It will not have any devices associated with it, nor have voice mail. I don't know where or what the greeting is called to modify it. I created an directory number, but the automated answering message won't recognize it. Can someone guide me to the correct areas I need to be working with? Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Brandon Buffin
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

One option is to create a CTI Route Point, give it a DN, and set CFA on the DN to the external number. Be sure to set the CFA Calling Search Space to one that has access to dial an external number. Another option if you're running Unity would be to use a call handler to transfer the call.

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