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CCM 4.0(2a) Hunt Groups capability


Do you know if CCM 4.0(2a) can create Hunt Groups that would dial cells or home phones instead of four digits for internal dialing?

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Here is a brief pros and cons summary of line groups under RP Vs attendant console HG's

Line groups


Works great for phones, lots of algorithms like boradcast,circular etc


Cannot support overlapping DN's i.e, cannot have same line number in two different line groups

Also isues like sending to external cell number or general mailbox. you have to do some workarounds like I wrote in my previous posts

Also cannot add CTI ports and have them work unless they are registered,cannot add CTI RP's same issues

Attendant console HG



You can have overlapping numbers, CTI Rp's, other pilot points etc in a HG

Supports queueing


Broadcast algorithm only works when you use users as HG members and not phones, you have to be logged in attendant console and you will see the calls in the Broadcast window

Reliance on TCD service not the most stable


Coming back to your question add three phones, not users to your HG and choose First available, and the keep two phones off hook it will ring the third phone. Circular and Broadcast are only available through the acconfig.bat utility, you can also enable queueing over there.

If you do circular it remembers the phone that ring the previous time and does not ring it the next time. if you add them as users then you have to be logged in but with phones you do not need to. Longest idle same way take two phones off hook and test it. Make sure Busy and No answer are not set to anything, start stop TCD service, and make sure the phones and the pilot point are associated with the ac user.

One of your cons is only correct if you're using CCM 4.0.x. In 4.1 a DN can be member of multiple hunting groups.

For the AC huntgroups, I set it up as follows:

1 Pilot point with pilot number 1500, route calls to longest idle. Attached to that is a huntgroup which has two members: #1: Call directory number 3404, with always route member set, and #1: Call directory number 1003, with always route member set. There's no user info and line info set for both HG members.

In addition, using acconfig.bat I set the jtapi user to ac, then set routing algorithm to broadcast, queue size and hold time to 0 (I cannot access the Enable Queueing option).

In the CCM admin pages I created the user ac, and I've associated the devices that have DN 3404 and 1003 to the acuser. I also tried making the pilot point with DN 1500 an associated device.

Result: calling 1500 will ring on 3404. If I put another number first in the AC HG, it'll ring that number, but never one down the list.

How does my setup differ from yours?

The mistake you did is have the always route member checked you do that usually only for the last entry in an HG, by checking that box yoy are telling CCM to always ring that phone, add a couple of phones and don't check that box, then if no one picks up any of those phones say you want to send it VM box or another phone which is the last resort, only for the phone check the always route member option

You don't have queueing option for broadcast since by default it goes into a queue and shows up in the broadcast window for the ac users, for the other algorithms you will have the queueing capability

Good Day,

I thought I would add my two cents regarding the con:

"Cannot support overlapping DN's i.e, cannot have same line number in two different line groups"

A workaround to be able to use the DN twice in CM 4.02 is to add a single DN to a line group and use the line group multiple times in different hunt lists. I have implemented this several times.

For what it's worth...


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