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CIPTV2 - Chapter 13 - Summary Question 6 - wrong ?

Hello all

I'm preparing for my recert for CIPTV2 tests. Reading the official CISCO book I have come across a question, which I feel is wrongly answered in the Appendix A.

The question is from Chapter 13 - Summary question 6:

True or false: more than one call policy script can be uploaded to a Cisco VCS control at one time? 

A) true 

B) false

The appendix A with the correct answers says that correct is TRUE. But In the book, just a few pages back on page 338

Admin policy, last row, then it continues at page 339:

"Only one CPL script can be applied directly to a Cisco VCS control server at one time. "


Reading around a few articles on the internet, I think that the statement on page 338 = "Only one CPL script can be applied directly to a Cisco VCS control server at one time. "  is correct and thus option B=false for the question 6 in the summary section is correct.

Can some of the experts please confirm/deny my thoughs, possibly with some reliable source ?  

Thanks a lot

Cisco Employee

Hi Jaroslav,

If you try to upload a new CPL script to a VCS with an existing CPL ( default ) applied then it throws up the following popup


Are you sure you want to replace the existing Call Policy by uploading a new one?
So, the statement that says only one CPL script can be applied should be the correct one. It is not explicitly mentioned in the admin guide though, but everything can not be documented you see.

a real world experience! That is what I was looking for! :) Thank you mgogna  


OK, so my mistake again when mixing Apples with Potatoes :-/

I have asked the author of the book directly and here is the answer:

The question states that - More than one call policy script can be uploaded - which is true. Now, the statement on the other hand states that - only one CPL script can be applied to VCS Control - which is also true, as even if there were multiple scripts (local or uploaded) only one can be applied at one time.

Essentially, CPL script can be uploaded or configured in VCS control server. However, if a script is uploaded, a local script cannot be configured as uploaded script takes preference. The reader should read this document for more clarity - section configuring call policy.

Please pass on this information to the reader.



Akhil Behl

Thank you very much for the answer @Akhil Behl