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Cisco Expressway mobile collaboration without a separate VPN client

Andy Johnston
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Take a look at this blog post and let me know what you think. 

Now that administrators will have a choice, when would you allow mobile workers to connect to their collaboration services from outside the firewall via a secure TLS-connection? 

And when would you want them to connect via a layer 3 VPN client such as Cisco AnyConnect?

Are there situations where both are needed?

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Yes just bs aware of the preview mode on the feature right now so no tac support

It will be opened up officially shortly



Pedro Francezi
Level 1
Level 1

Hi All,

I'm running UC applications on version 10.5, and Jabber for Android on 11.0 release on a Samsung S4.

On the Corporate WiFI, all services work well, but when I login via Expressway on a different wifi, the IM&P and Unity services are good, but no phone services.

I've already set the domain on the BOT device, add digest authentication, excluded the device and add it again, but the problem still remains.

Please, any thoughts?

Best Regards

Hi Pedro,

You might try disabling digest authentication on the CUCM for this device.  SIP digest authentication is used between Jabber and Expressway, but it is based on the user's regular credentials (used for IM&P and UDS), rather than the end user's (secondary?) sip digest username and password.

Also keep in mind, Expressway MRA for Jabber on Android is also fully supported via TAC.


Jacqueline Goto
Level 1
Level 1

What about support for line groups for the 7800 series phone with MRA?

Yes, it's a backlog item on the roadmap.

Is there an ETA for supported 7800/8800 MRA support?

Hello Brandon,

GA timeline is targeted for the end of November 2015 per the BU.

Hope this helps.

Kirk McNeill

Collaboration Endpoints Marketing

Cisco Systems

Tim Passinos
Level 1
Level 1

Timeline is needed. Cisco?