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Cisco Expressway mobile collaboration without a separate VPN client

Andy Johnston
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Take a look at this blog post and let me know what you think. 

Now that administrators will have a choice, when would you allow mobile workers to connect to their collaboration services from outside the firewall via a secure TLS-connection? 

And when would you want them to connect via a layer 3 VPN client such as Cisco AnyConnect?

Are there situations where both are needed?

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Thanks Kirk

Thanks Kirk..  I have the 10.3.1 firmware so just curious if there are any other steps to get this to connect to an existing MRA configuration

The endpoint should prompt the user for a service name (this is the domain used for the collab-edge SRV record, ie., username and password when placed on a network that is not supplied with DHCP option 150.  Any alternate TFTP server config should also be cleared from the endpoint.

Level 1
Level 1

Do we know if the 78xx, 88xx support has been added yet ?



The 78/88xx 10.3.1 firmware is still in field trials, and still not GA.

Expressway X8.5.2 (still in field trials too) is the release that is targeting support for the 78/88XX as well as the entire DX series.

Thanks Kevin.


Kevin - How do we get access to these field trials ,if we have to ?



Any update to this?  Is it possible to get the preview release for the 7800/8800?

Also need 10.5.2 su2 of cucm.

You need UCM 10.5.2 SU2 (or 11.0.1) for BLF features on the phones.  You can get away with using UCM 9.1.2 SU1+ if you don't need BLF features.

Thanks Kirk.

What about MWI and multi-line support on 7800. Also, do we have any use guides to show what the user experience will be like?

It is covered in that link that Kevin posted. MWI Yes, Multiline No

Cisco IP Phone 7811, 7821, 7841, and 7861 Release Notes for Firmware Release 10.3(1) - Cisco IP Phone 7811, 7821, 7841, …

Some major call features, like multiple lines, shared lines, Extension Mobility, CTI, monitoring, and recording, are not supported in Expressway mode.

So it is supported, where is the documentation to configure it?


Now the next question, when does it move from preview/Market Beta into supported?  Can't deploy unsupported code into production now...

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