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Customization of TCL script

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Hello All, 


My customer want to create IVR, I have choosed B-ACD on CME, but I have one problem with TCL script, which support only 3 menu options, but my customer need 5 menu options, could someone know how to change it ? I have already checked it but I´m not programmer and I do not have idea how to do it. I attached tcl file.


P.S.: I have already conntact cisco support, who should help me with, but they told me that they do not do it anymore.


Thank you 



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Ratheesh Kumar
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VIP Alumni
Hi there,

Please check this guide for configuration examples. Its handy

Hope this helps!

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Hello, Thanks for answer, 


I´m not sure if we understand each other. I guess, I need to change TCL script, because basic TCL script have only 3 menu options, and I need to have 5 menu options. So, when someone call me to IVR, I can choose from 5 options, which will be assigned to numbers.


If it is possible to set it up, without modify of TCL script, please let me know. If you have some idea, how to do it please write.

If I´m wrong please correct me.


Thank you for help.

Can you share the scenario of the IVR - 

also consider 0 to operator as also one option apart from hunt 1 , hunt 2 and hunt 3 -dial to extension


Test on GNS3 by creating hunt4 as well