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Expressway-E change system host

Hi guys,

I have to make a configuration of Jabber client connectivity without VPN, according to the document BYOD_CollabEdge.pdf

and I have to change the system host name of the 2 EpressWay-E.

My problem is that I can't find a procedure to change the system host name without ExpressWay doing a factory reset.

do you know a procedure to make this change of system hostname without factory reset?

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance for your support.


Leonardo Tadeu

MRA setup is very much dependent on DNS and certificates, so the domain and hostname change will invalidate the current certificate in the server, existing DNS records, existing zones using FQNDs will drop you can follow this procedure:
1) If this is in production your Expressways services will be unavailable
2) Under System>>DNS change the hostname and domain as needed and save config. Once changed do not restart yet, otherwise you will lose web access.
3) Once items are changed generate a new CSR under Maintenance>>Security>>server certificate so the new domain and hostname will be reflected to be the new CN for the cert.
4) Once CSR is generated you can send it to the CA to have signed.
5) When certificates are signed by the CA upload the Cas first and last the server certificate, a restart is then requested to have this changes applied. That restart will apply the cert with new domain and hostnme and refresh DNS cache for new names to be queried.

-When doing the same in the expressway C side the new domain must be added under Configuration>>domains and have the services enabled for new domain.
-The internal DNS server must correct records to the new domain and delete old records that still contain old domain, otherwise if old domain and hostnames remain in the DNS record there will be conflicts for the DNS queries. The DNS cache must be refreshed once records are updated in the Expressway System>>DNS>>flush DNS cache.
-The new domain and hostname must be manually updated accordingly where needed, for instance UC Traversal zones, etc.
-If this change is made also for CUCM and IMP server domains you must refresh servers in the ExpC under Configuration>>Unified Communications>>>ucm nodes>>select the publisher and click “Refresh servers”, the same is done with the IMP and Unity if in use so the rediscovery will add the servers again with new domain and update the http allow lists accordingly.
-Depending on where the domain is changed the external SRV must be updated as well to reflect the new server names.
-Once all these changes are done it is better to have the jabber application reset in order to stop/avoid old domain stating in cache memory in the application before testing new log in.
One time i have done this procedure but i prefer to do a fresh install.

Leonardo Santana


thank you for all this very clear procedure.
One thing that I had not specified, is that I had already changed the certificate by adding the new System Name of the ExpressWay-E, and the domain has not changed.
The last manipulation to be done is the definitive change of the System Names of the 2 ExpressWay-E and the change of the external SRV Record.
As I haven't really found a specific procedure for changing System Names, I just changed them, in my case the System Name is "expressway-e1", and I just want to change it to "expressway-e1-ext" for the external part, with the certificate to day I do not see what I need to edit others. Just that this change causes a factory reset at the next restart.
From what I understand, I have to do a fresh install for this change?


You can change the name after but the reinstall from the scratch is just my point of view.


Leonardo Santana

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