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IP phone call automatically when Speaker on

Hi Everyone ,

i have an issue and i hope to help me , we have cucm and IP phones in the network and we are using extension ID  range 100-160 and 1000 - 1050, when the speaker is on and trying to call  extension 1000 once i type 100 and before type the 3rd 0 the IP phone going to call automatically the extension 100 in spite of i want to call extension 1000 ,

is there any way to make the IP phone not calling automatically or make it wait till the user finishing typing the number ?



There are a few different options, it all depends on how your setup looks like. First of all it’s a quite bad thing have directory numbers that are different in length, as that makes it harder to have a deterministic call behaviour. Just as you experience. If you anyway want to keep the different length of your directory numbers you have a few different options. Either make sure that the shorter DNs are not set to urgent priority, as that will make the call logic extend the call as soon as it has a match. Another option would be to not have the partition for directory numbers visible in the CSS used on either line or device level and then create a pair of translation patterns that match your DN ranges and are not set to urgent priority for the shorter length  range , these TPs have a egress CSS that sees the PT where your directory numbers are placed. Likely more options are at hand, these are the ones that I came up with right now.

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I would say this is not a recommended dial plan. This will always create issues. if a user dial 100 and if it waits u gone get another complaint from users that its not dialing properly. 



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Fully agree with you on this @Nithin Eluvathingal 

It’s quite bad design to have different length in dial plan.

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